Recommendations & yoga studios

Yoga and Somatic Movement, Aki Omori

Yoga and Rolfing, Giovanni Felicioni

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Doula, Jill Miller

Pregnancy Yoga, Lolly Stirk

Yoga, Peter Blackaby

Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga and Feldenkrais, Ruth Polden

Yoga and Hakomi, Tanya Love

Qigong, Thalbert Allen

Acupuncture, Tom Watson

Brighton yoga studio, Unit 4

Doula, Vaida Milne-Tyte

About me

I am originally from the Netherlands and now live and teach in Brighton. I first practiced yoga as a teenager. I was so relaxed at the end of every class that I would fall asleep. I felt like I was floating as I cycled home after. Since then I have explored various styles as well as different forms of dance and began teaching yoga in 2015. Practicing yoga has helped me to learn the language of my body and give me a framework in which I can be present with myself with loving attention. Yoga helps me to feel at home in my body and experience myself as whole.


I first trained in alignment based hatha yoga and in the past few years have developed an interest in trauma sensitivity, body acceptance and working intuitively, inclusively and with the therapeutic applications of yoga. I am drawn to teachers who are influenced by Vanda Scaravelli and to styles and methods which encourage exploratory, functional and intelligent movement. On top of my two year hatha yoga teacher training, I have completed specialised trainings in yin yoga with Sarah Powers, restorative yoga with Anna Ashby, teaching yoga one to one with Kate Ellis and have trained to teach pregnancy and postnatal yoga with Yogabirth. I continue to develop my teaching by practicing with Giovanni Felicioni, Tanya Love and Peter Blackaby.