'The language of the body is the universal mother tongue.'

Esther Perel

About Yoska Kai Bosch

I first practiced yoga as a teenager and have since explored various styles as well as different forms of dance. In 2015 I started teaching yoga. I originally trained in alignment based Hatha yoga and in the past few years have developed an interest in working intuitively, inclusively and more with the therapeutic applications of yoga.

I am drawn to styles and methods which encourage exploratory, functional and intelligent movement. On top of my two year alignment based Hatha yoga teacher training, I have completed specialised trainings in Yin with Sarah Powers, Restorative with Anna Ashby and teaching one to one with Kate Ellis and continue to develop my teaching by practicing regularly with Giovanni Felicioni and Tanya Love. My approach to teaching is mindful, light hearted and clear.


Yin & Meditation

This workshop invites us to drop into the still and gentle practices of Yin yoga and meditation. Modern day busy, active lifestlyes could be said to have a Yang quality and this can become a habitual way of being and bring us out of balance. The quiet practices of Yin yoga and meditation will help to redress the balance, creating space to slow down physically, mentally and emotionally.

In Yin yoga, postures are mostly floor based, we hold them for an extended period of time, and they are generally passive, encouraging a letting go of muscular effort. The effect of practicing in this way can be deeply grounding and calming.

In the last part of the workshop we will drop into deeper stillnes through the practice of meditation. After we have invited more space and ease into the body through the Yin yoga postures, we will find a comfortable seat in which we will explore a mindful meditation practice.

This workshop is suitable for all levels of experience.

Sunday afternoon 4-6pm
28th of April and 26th of May
Price £20
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